Arts for India Diwali Celebration Dinner and Fundraiser November 15th 2012, Saatchi Gallery. London, UK


Official USA Launch Arts for India at Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. Honoring Goldie Hawn for her Philanthropic efforts.


Arts for India soft launch (USA) at ABC Stone.


For our Companies interested in exploring opportunities/collaborations in India

Business Ambassador Inc has access to a talent pool of High Net Worth Individuals , Business men, Industries, Equitey Groups, and Hedge Funds from all over the world, who have a passion for being a part of the success story of India.

Having hosted numerous dignitaries from Africa, India and China, we realize that there is a strong desire to connect those interested parties to appropriate (and safe) investment opportunities as well as partners and ultimately become part of the growth/success story.

Our first goal is to take a small select, high profile delegation to tour a few select states in India that have demonstrated growth qualities and Industry diversification as well as governmental, fiscal benefits and support for our international investors.

For our Companies interested in exploring opportunities/collaborations in USA:

Business Ambassador Inc has developed a very effective and efficient toolbox of expertise with over 40 years experience; in the law of the land, infrastructures of public services and private commerce, all aspects of technology; business; investment processes; and ROI strategies, business incubation, integrated marketing, business management, tax codes and compliance, and business growth … from start-up to mergers and acquisitions.

Your company can accelerate the business development and/or acquisition process.

Extensive network of high level public officials, professionals, and business contacts, developed over the last 45 years,

• We have delivered joint market development agreements that allow our Indian clients to gain access to wide range of new potential customers while benefiting from the established creditability of their new US partners.

• Sourcing of strategic technology, products, services, and raw materials.

• Research, package, analyze, facilitate acquisitions and manage Real Assets on behalf of the Indian clients. Maintain, manage, and administer client funds/assets in trust or escrow in a POA judiciary capacity.

We specialize in helping Indian companies from all over the world with Market Expansion, Client Acquisition, and New Business Opportunities in the US.